Antivirus for Smartphones and Tablets

Do your smart phone or tablet is installed with the latest version of an antivirus ? Even though you had installed an antivirus software at the time of buying the device, most probably you have not updated it since long.

Surprisingly, most of the people don’t use an antivirus at all in their smartphones and tablets. Android, the fastest growing mobile Operating System is the most targeted OS in the world since 2011. In the last 3 yrs, the malware targeted at Android OS has grown significantly.

You never know, the nifty Android Apps recommended by your friends and media is already infected with a trojan or not. Unless and until an user reports a security hole in the application, Google never check it on a regular basis.

Why antivirus is important for smartphones?

More and more people are buying smartphones and tablets today than PC and laptops. People also like to synchronize their mobile devices with their PC or laptop for seamless use. So, all the personal and professional data, mails and passwords which are there in your PC is also present in your smartphone. That’s why hackers are targeting hand held devices more than desktop or laptop.

1. Kaspersky Mobile Security: Compatible with Android, BlackBerry, Symbian and Window OS. It protects smartphones from malware and network attacks. Its encryption feature ensures an extra level of security during information exchange. Its Anti-spam feature block unwanted calls and SMS. By activating the Parental Control, you can control the outgoing numbers to whom your children can call.

Robust Anti-Theft feature – If your smartphone is stolen or lost, you can block it by sending a predefined message. If the thief replace a new SIM, then it sends you a message with the new phone number. You can locate your smartphone with the help of GPS and Google Map with Kaspersky Mobile Security.

2. Norton Mobile Security: Its Antiphishing feature protects smartphones from fraudulent websites. Protects your information from mobile networks and Wi-Fi connections. It has features like Call and Text Blocker, Remote Locate, Remote Lock, Remote Wipe etc. Scream locator sends a predefined message to your smartphone so that it screams to help you find fast.

3. McAfee Mobile Security: Detects threat in real time in Email, text messages and attachments. Protects your smartphone from viruses, trojans and worms. Automatically updates current security features to protect your smartphones from emerging threats.

Choose the antivirus best suites your smartphones or tablets, install and have a peace of mind