How to Speed Up Windows 10 Performance

How to get your windows 10 computer up and running a little bit quicker. Now if you’ve been using your PC for a while over time it does slow down and this is for various reasons but I’m going to show you two quick tips on how to get your PC up and running quick again.

So tip number one is to do with deleting your temporary files now whatever tasks you do. Windows creates these temporary files in the background to help the application run or whatever task you’re doing these files are created now usually they don’t cause a problem but over time if you don’t monitor them and delete them regularly they can build up to a point where they can make Windows run slow. So let’s quickly show you how to remove these very straightforward, right guys first step come down to the taskbar type in “clean” and we will get an option here disk clean up. Click that select the drive you want to clean. Usually this will be the C Drive. Let’s click OK and then you’ll get all of these options your best to select all of them but the most important ones are these temporary files down here and the recycling bin can also build up also. If you use the internet quite a bit your temporary. Internet files that should be removed as well these can build up over time and the more files you have especially little small ones from the internet can really cause havoc. So you just click all of these down and that’s all selected, ok, delete files and off that goes so that’s a really straightforward task it shouldn’t take too long to clean up, however I’m not going to wait here for that to happen.

Tip number two so the next quick tip that you can do is every time your machine starts it’s got a set of applications a starts as part of loading up windows, now that can slow up the loading time of Windows but not only that it can also slow everything. Else that you do because you put these tasks running in the background. So let’s go and show you how to do this now we go down to the start bar and we’re gonna type in “task manager”. There we go and this will bring up the task manager, another quick tip. Actually is if you hold ctrl shift and escape. They’ll do the same thing so let me quickly close this down, ctrl shift escape that brings it up, good to know, we’re gonna go over to “startup” and here we can see a list of all of the applications that are going to be running. When we start up windows and they’re going to be running the background for everything you do so most of these. I do want to keep about things like Microsoft onedrive. I do not use onedrive so I’m gonna disable this, let’s select it disable, simple as that, and not only that you can see from this list here.

The startup impact so most of these are high so I could quite easily remove this like iCloud drive. I don’t use that, disable, I hope those tips helped and I hope you manage to speed up your windows 10 performance.