Mac Water Damage – Alarmingly Easy

I’ve now (sadly) had two direct experiences of Mac water damage.

My first ever Apple Macbook (one of the white ones) died after I spliied a mere three drips of liquid onto it.

Now, I have had to replace my Macbook Pro as the keyboard decided to short out, causing certain keys to fail or produce incorrect characters. This is typical behaviour after liquid damage. In this case, I don’t even remember a spillage, but one must have occurred.

There’s a long and frustrating story attached to why this meant I had to buy a new Mac almost immediately. Basically I had to get work finished before a holiday and was left with no option.

Now I’m back, I can see about having my old MacBook Pro keyboard replaced, or perhaps replacing it myself.

There’s a valuable lesson here, however: Mac water damage happens VERY easily. I have seen Windows laptops go through countless far more severe spillages and live to tell the tale, but I have now lost two Mac laptops to mere drips of liquid. Do yourself a favour – never drink anything anwhere NEAR your Mac!