X360 Tiff Image Processing ActiveX Control 4.0


X360 Tiff Image Processing ActiveX Control helps application developers and programmers create applications with image viewing and TIFF image processing capabilities. The ActiveX works on most of the Windows operating system. The functionality of the product can be accessed from most programming languages like Visual C++, Visual Basic, Visual FoxPro, Delphi, MS Access, VB.NET, ASP.NET, C# and J#.

Product Description:

X360 Tiff Image Processing Active OCX help you to create and maintain multiple Tiff. You can append, delete, insert, move and swap pages within existing Tiff. You can also view and save images to different formats include Bmp, Emf, Gif, Jpeg, Pdf, multi-paged Pdf, Png, Tiff, multi-paged Tiff, Wmf. Major functions include flip, rotate, resize and zoom the image, fully control the scroll action, draw text and image, convert color to gray scaled and black-white, get tiff tags and Exif information, provide hand tool to move image using mouse, provide selection tools to crop or copy partial image to clipboard, print the image. Supported Tiff compressions include CCITT Group3,Group4,LZW and Packbits RLE.

Product Features:

  • Visualize your images and convert them to different formats.
    – View Bmp, Emf, Gif, Jpeg, Png, Wmf and Tiff image files.
    – Save images as Bmp, Emf, Gif, Jpeg, Pdf, Png, Wmf and Tiff.
    – Save Jpeg images with user-defined quality level.
    – Save Tiff images with different compression include CCITT3, CCITT4, LZW and Packbits Macintosh RLE.

  • Handle and edit pages of multi-page TIFF image.
    – Create multi-page TIFF image with different compression include CCITT3, CCITT4, LZW and Packbits Macintosh RLE.
    – Create multi-page TIFF by specified folder.
    – Allow edit existing multi-page TIFF image, (append, delete, insert, move and swap pages).
    – Allow edit each page of the multi-page TIFF file, for example, rotate image, draw text, resize image, etc.
    – View specified page of multi-page TIFF images.
    – Export specified page from multi-page TIFF images, and save them as new images.

  • Create multi-page PDF image.
    – Allow set author, creator, date time, keyword, producer, subject and title of the multi-page PDF file.

  • Load image from URL and FTP server.
    – Load and display image from URL.
    – Load and display multi-page TIFF image from URL.
    – Load and display image from FTP server.

  • Load image from database table.
    – Load and display image from Access, SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL.

  • Save image to database table.
    – Append new image record to Access, SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL
    – Update image field of the specified record.

  • Batch processing capability.
    – Batch resizing image by file or folder.
    – Batch converting image type by file or folder.

  • Provide tools to access the image within the preview
    – Image alignment, flip, resize, rotate, zoom-in, zoom-out and zoom-to-fit the image.
    – rotate image with specified angle.
    – Hand tool for moving image using the mouse drag.
    – Rubber band tool for cropping image.
    – Thumbnail tool for displaying thumbnail image of multi-page TIFF image.

  • Adjust the style and color of the preview window.
    – Set border on/off, background color, background style and foreground color.

  • Draw text on the image with different style.
    – Fill outline text, outline, text, shadow text and watermark text.
    – Rotated text with specified angle.

  • Draw image on the image with different effect.
    – Transparency image and watermark image.

  • Convert the number of bits per pixel (bpp) of the image.
    – Convert 4, 8, 16, 24, 32 to 1 bit black-white.
    – Convert 1, 4, 8, 16, 24, 32 to 8 bit gray.
    – Convert 1, 4, 8, 24, 32 to 16 bit.
    – Convert 1, 4, 8, 16, 32 to 24 bit.
    – Convert 1, 4, 8, 16, 24 to 32 bit.

  • Get Exif information from the image.
    – Color space, date time, exposure bias, exposure program, file source, flash, focal length, ISO Speed, etc…

  • Get Tiff tag information from the image.
    – Bits per sample, compression, orientation, page name, color space, unit of measurement, number of rows per strip, etc…

  • Edit and save some Exif and Tiff tag information.
    – Edit artist, copyright, creation date and time, description, document name, equipment make, equipment model,
    host computer, software used and title, to describe the image instead drawing on it.

  • Get basic information of the image and the preview window.
    – Get width and height of the image.
    – Get and set resolution (dpi) of the image.
    – Get the number of bits per pixel (bpp) of the image.
    – Get coordinate and pixel color of the image with specified point.
    – Get coordinate of the mouse.
    – Get coordinate of the scroll bar.

  • Has the ability to handle window clipboard and HBITMAP.
    – Copy image to clipboard.
    – Support copying partial of the image to the clipboard.
    – Paste image from clipboard.
    – Copy image to HBITMAP.
    – Support copying partial of the image to the HBITMAP.

  • Scroll the image smoothly, and provide a location bookmark tools.
    -Save or bookmark a specified position of the scroll bar, and then auto scroll to the restored position.

  • Provide over 40+ type of image effects and filters and adjustments.
    – Effects and filters include 3D grid, blind, blur, cylinder, edge detect, emboss, fractal, halfTone, illusion, lens, lens flare, noisy, oil paint, ripple, shift, soft glow, splash, tile reflect, wave whirl and pinch and more.
    – Adjust brightness, color balance, color level, color tone, contrast, gamma, hue, RGB components, saturation, sharp, threshold and more.

  • Print images with specified size.
    – Enable or disable print dialog when printing.
    – Print to default printer or selected printer.

Supported image file formats:

  • BMP (standard Windows Bitmap file format).

  • EMF (Enhanced Windows Metafile format).

  • GIF (Graphics Interchange file Format).

  • JPEG (Joint Photographic Expert Group file format).

  • PNG (Portable Network Graphics file format).

  • PDF.

  • Multi-page PDF.

  • TIFF (Tagged-Image File Format).

  • Multipage TIFF.

  • WMF (standard Windows Metafile format).

Supported TIFF file compressions:

  • CCITT Group 3 fax encoding.

  • CCITT Group 4 fax encoding.

  • LZW compression.

  • Packbits – Macintosh RLE compression.

System Requirements:

  • Microsoft Windows 98/ME/2000/XP

  • Fully compatible with Vista 32 and 64 bit

Sample Code:

  • Microsoft VB .Net 2003

  • Microsoft Visual Basic 6.0

  • Microsoft Visual C++ 6.0

  • Microsoft Visual FoxPro 6.0

  • Microsoft Access 2002