HexStyli 6 in 1 Stylus Pen Review

The HexStyli from MobileFun really does seem to be the pen that does it all. It’s shaped like a standard, good quality ballpoint pen, complete with comfortable grip and handy clip to affix it to your pocket or notebook. Weighing no more than a regular ballpoint, it writes beautifully, but the HexStyli does a great deal more than that.

In the same way that smartphones have presented us with a phone, camera, gaming centre and so much more in one handy device, the HexStyli is not content with being just a pen. It provides a ruler (in both inches and centimetres) and spirit level as well as the refillable ballpoint. It also contains two handy screwdriver heads – one for flathead and one for crosshead screws – accessed by unscrewing the end of the pen.

Where the HexStyli really comes into its own, though, is as a smartphone stylus. I’ve tried in out on my iPhone from everything from games to responding to emails. It handled everything with ease and was actually better in terms of accuracy for typing emails than my fingers are. Trying to catch the omnidirectional stylus out, I pressed my homescreen button, thinking the stylus would not be capable of exerting enough pressure for the button to work. I was wrong – my homescreen popped up instantly.

Despite my cynical nature, I was actually really impressed with the HexStyli. It’s an attractive-looking piece of kit that’s really handy to have around for a whole range of reasons. Plus, it comes in a lovely presentation box, making it a lovely gift idea. All in all, a great product.