How To Hire Great Software Developers

Today we can discuss top ten tips to hire great software developers starting the first one, hire slowly take time when you hire a software developer hiring is a slow process, always hire an “A”-level programmer. Why an “A”-level programmer because an “A”-level programmer recommends to work with another “A”-level programmer and it brings profit to the company and why not a “B”-level programmer? A “B”-level programmer recommends to work with a “C”-level programmer just to make him feel better and this does not bring profit to the company.

The worst thing to do is to start a company with first of its 10 employees with “B”-level programmers and years later you will find your company flooded with hundreds of “C”-level programmers and moving on to number 2. Hire a team player and not a rock star, share your ideas and think further, we must always prepare for a team player and not a rock star why not a rock start or who is a rock star? a rock star is a flawless programmer, a great developer but he does not work well with the team we need software developers to work in a team in a committee not of five or ten but in a committee of two or three, the engineers are notoriously known for being lone wolves what is a lone wolve, they like to work alone we need software developers to share their ideas and think further and hence bring prosperity to the company. Hire a team player and not a rock star. We do not want an iron man or a captain america to be in our business. Why because they’re really good but they don’t work well with the team.

And point number three we need software developers who are able to hit the deadline, the worst nightmare of course their might be something worse the worst nightmare is to have an engineer, who always says he is in the course of his work but never complete the work in a specified time. So we need software developers to complete or hit the deadline, we need them to finish the project within the specified time this helps to gain trust with our clients and bring a unique quality to our company And point number 4 check the background of the developer this includes his experience, contribution and the feedback, some companies prefer a person to be experienced for 4 or 5 years they want the best professionally experienced calibers and we can ask for feedback from the client has worked for or a company he has been working for this helps us to get a deep and comprehensible.

Sorry comprehensible inside of how really good hew works, so always check the background of the developer experience is quite important. And the fifth one is the interview. It is a common practice ice-breaking is quite important and so is being nice make the candidate feel more relaxed well what is the point of making them more relaxed than nervous, well it helps them to show their real personality and more authentic, to assess the aptitude often the companies are selecting the candidates based upon impressing resumes but this often can be misleading so conduct an aptitude test or assess the aptitude through an examination, and the third one to ask clearly. If you’re planning for an interview you must know the industry structure from back to front moving on point number 6 its the moral dilemma. I can share you a story, but it is not a story, its an old joke. A father is teaching his son about moral ethics, a father says he and his partner had a company a dry cleaning business, on one day a lady customer walked in, and when the deal was done she overpays by 25 dollars now he is thinking, is wondering, what would he do? would he share the money with his partner? or would he keep it to himself, well, this often happens in business, it is a moral dilemma.

Let me tell you the strongest software developer wreaks any untold havoc on his project if he or she lacks a properly calibrated moral compass so that is a moral dilemma and point number 7: Is he feeling mutual I think it is enough said if he is feeling mutual but you get a candidate endless candidate who works good who speaks well and who does the programming without any fault, now you must ask him this is he feeling mutual. I think it is enough said, is he dedicated to the company hard in my life this is actually Campbell video one-sided relationship never works at the same business too one-sided relationship never works so we’re going to hire software talent but you must ask him whether his feelings mutual and the point number eight focus on problem solving questions after that ask him some technical questions which end with right or wrong answers helps to understand creativeness and innovations help tackle the problem and how his mind works ask him questions like and see how he appears obviously there is no right answer tested it is good obviously there is no right answer it just allows to think how good he is when solving a problem so it helps to understand how creative his mind works that is very important, focus on problem solving questions when hiring a software developer and to point number 9, the verbal communication knowledge of the language is quite necessary, it is needed to have a demonstration of his work see it’s a confidence and your test present your work you need to present it very attractively effectively and very clearly so you could grab the attention of the table make it more impressive, make a software engineer must be very good in verbal communication and in writing, so the knowledge of the language is quite necessary for being a software developer and even when you talk to clients it really helps, communication is quite necessary or important, moving on to point number 10 Conduct a coding challenge if you have a large number of candidates and you need to pick the best from them what to do? conduct an interview.